Friday Five Roundup: From Dental Research to SEO Trends and ROI

Science Daily

Cavity Prevention Approach Effectively Reduces Tooth Decay

A scientifically based approach that includes a tooth-decay risk assessment, aggressive preventive measures and conservative restorations can dramatically reduce decay in community dental practices, according to a new study.

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Marketing Land

Local Search Industry Optimistic About 2018 — but Less Likely to Hire

The local search landscape is a constantly evolving beast, regularly changing at the whim of Google My Business and, more and more these days, reliant on consumer reviews. As such, the folks working in this niche of the wider SEO industry have had to be quick on their feet to adapt to changes.

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Mouthing Off - ASDA Blog

Put Instagram to Good Use

Do you spend way too much time on Instagram? Have you felt like too much of your precious time is spent staring at photos, captions and hashtags on a three-by-five inch screen? Well, there's good news. If you follow the right Instagram accounts, it will not only give you more opportunities in the field of dentistry, but it can help you connect with other students and professionals.

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Smart Insights

Simple Strategies Marketers Should Use to Analyze the Strength and ROI of their Funnel

Gambling on hunches when deciding which tactics and channels will help you achieve your goals is a flimsy strategy that could land you on the wrong path. The same mistakes are made far too often. Marketers try a channel once, get a disappointing result, and decide the channel doesn’t meet their needs. Or after the channel fails to produce, they continue to plug away at it forever, assuming things will eventually work out.

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Dental Tribune

Non-Surgical Laser has Sleep Applications

Of the commercially available hard and soft-tissue lasers, only the LightWalker (Fotona, San Clemente, Calif.) combines two proven wavelengths, Nd:YAG and Er:YAG, with unrivaled power and precise pulse control resulting in high levels of efficacy for a wide range of procedures. With this advanced level of performance comes significant patient comfort.

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