Friday Five Roundup: Future of Marketing and the Dental Industry

Peninsula Review

Dental Implants : No Longer A Fear Factor

For the past few years, dental implants have become the most successful and innovative dental procedures. The costs are much more affordable than expected, and the pain is minimal and manageable. Interest in dental implants is growing as the procedure has become more accessible to all.

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The Future of Marketing is Marketing As A Service

In the past, marketing has been focused around the brand and the product. However, the future of marketing is heading towards focus on service, targeting your audience but also taking the right next step for them, going beyond just the product, and improving the entire customer journey.

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Toronto Star

Local Company Fills a Gap for Dentists

Software startup "Timeshift Solutions" (, produces a software called OPES that helps dental offices organize and computerize.

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Use the Weather Network app? Why it's Sharing Your Location with Advertisers

The need for high-quality content cannot be overemphasized, which is why you need a team that knows how to implement your content strategy. Here's how to build and nurture a content team that gets the job done.

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Dentistry IQ

The Crucial Role of Website Security in Maintaining the Bond of Trust With Your Patients

Having a trusting bond with your dental patients is important. Optimizing the security of your website might be a source of trust you should focus on developing.

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