Friday Five Roundup: From Tooth Decay to SEO and Social Media

Medical News Today

Should We Blame Our Genes For the Bacteria Behind Tooth Decay?

While human host genes may influence oral microbiome composition, it is unlikely that they control the bacteria that promote tooth decay, says a new study.

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Marketing Land

How to conduct an SEO content audit

A content audit, when done right, can help you assess whether your content is relevant not only to your brand goals and SEO objectives, but also to the customer's needs.

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The Dental Geek

Colgate and Scientific American Launch the Future of Oral Health Website

Colgate and Scientific American have launched a new website dedicated to investigating the leading topics in global oral health: the Future of Oral Health. Their mission is to not only to begin conversation but, to bring together many different people and communities as one and honor the power of new modern inventions of oral health.

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How Frequently Should I Publish on Social Media? A HubSpot Experiment

Social media can be an overwhelming place -- even for the experts.
Which networks should they use, what should they write, how frequently should they post, and does the time they post really matter?

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Oral Health Group

Strain and Pain in the Dental Profession

Anyone involved in dentistry is aware of the potential for stress to become a negative factor. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that directly links long term stress to physical problems often with a strong inflammatory component. Quite apart from stress itself, long held static postures can lead to pain, tightness and myofascial related trouble.

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