Friday Five Roundup: From Content Marketing to Dental Marketing Industry Trends

Dentistry IQ

Marketing Your Dental Practice: Involve Your Team

Marketing your dental practice is just one more thing you have to worry about. How about sharing some of that burden with your dental team? By involving them and using their ideas, your marketing will be much more successful than handling it alone.

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How to Create a Content Upgrade That Will Automate Your List Building

After all, a thriving email list is the foundation of email marketing.

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The Globe and Mail

Oversupply of dentists sparks fierce competition in big Canadian cities

Dental practice valuations in Canada's urban centres have soared in recent years.

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Your Content Strategy Needs More Consistency

If you're not consistent, you’re not taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to connect with your audience. Creating a few pieces of content here and there might help someone understand a topic better, but they won’t help you hit all of those touch points between your brand and your audience -- and they won’t help you build a meaningful relationship with it.

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Dentistry Today

White Paper Outlines Endodontic Standards

While all dentists are trained in endodontics, that training varies greatly, as does the clinical experience of each dentist. To ensure that patients receive the best possible care from all practitioners at the highest standards, the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) has published its Endodontic Competency White Paper to identify the knowledge and skills that should provide a standard for all practitioners as well as encourage general dentists to seek additional training, recognize their limitations, and consult with specialists as necessary.

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