Friday Five Roundup: Digital Marketing for Dentists to Social Media Fails

Medical News Today

Four Effective Gingivitis Home Remedies

Gingivitis is a condition that affects the gums. Learn about four home remedies for gingivitis, how to take them safely, and how to prevent gingivitis.

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How to Incorporate Social Proof on Every Page of Your Website

Every online marketer knows that the Internet is an insanely skeptical place. It's with good reason. Let's be honest. Our space is littered with faux gurus and hyped up promises. Your prospects don't know you well, and they don't trust you yet. Social proof can change that.

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The Dental Geek

Dental Professionals: The world has gone mobile- have you?

Researchers have found that in today’s society more than half of all web traffic is on mobile devices. As a result, dental offices have jumped on board by creating and using mobile friendly websites. A major reason for the growth in mobile internet usage is that we live in a society that has become virtually dependent upon mobile devices.

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7 Social Media Fails to Avoid in 2017

Chances are you’ve witnessed a social media fail sometime in the past year. It usually results from a sense of urgency, or a miscommunication that ignores common sense, all for the sake of gaining attention.

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Dentistry IQ

Thursday Troubleshooter: Snarky Facebook comments and HIPAA violations

This dental team member is worried that a fellow hygienist is violating HIPAA by posting before-and-after photos of a patient's mouth on Facebook, and then adding snarky comments about the reason for the dental work.

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