How Dental Practices Can Benefit from Online Video Marketing

By: Noha Abou-Hashima

Video marketing is becoming more popular on the Internet than ever before. 78% of users watch videos online every week. 55% watch online videos everyday. Studies show that video content can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. That's a pretty big percentage. And if these numbers aren't convincing enough, consider what this dentist had to say about the benefits of using video marketing for her dental practice:

“I've had a lot of new patients join our office because of the feel they got from our website,” explained Dr. Lavigne. "Patients have commented that they felt like they knew me before booking an appointment. It's scary to choose a new provider, whether it's a dentist, an internist, or a hair stylist! The more they know about me and my practice, the more educated a decision they can make in deciding if we're the right fit for them. [...] “In 2016 patients want to be educated and informed about your practice, you and your team, and your philosophy," said Dr. Lavigne. "We've given a web personality to our practice and set ourselves apart through the use of video.”

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It makes sense, doesn't it? Customers looking for a service will want to gather as much information as they can about the service provider. And when it comes to dentists, knowing what to expect makes a huge difference, especially for those who already deal with dental anxiety.

The good news is that the short attention span of viewers means shorter videos, which means less work for you if you're producing them yourself. Although a better alternative is to leave the video production to a professional. Transitions, music, and other-post production changes can make a difference in how your video is perceived.

One benefit of video marketing is that it can seamlessly blend in with your current digital marketing strategy. Videos can compliment your existing website, adding to the content you already have, as well as work to improve your SEO. Additionally, you can host them on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. The advantage of these platforms is that they’re online and can be linked to on your website, or blog.

Tip: Maximize your market strategy by using videos to advertise the dental services your practice offers. You can place these directly inside or outside your practice, such as in-window, in the waiting area, or in an elevator if your practice has one. Note that the content of your video has to align with the medium you plan on using.

Now let's talk about content you can place in your videos.

  1. Show your practice's culture and philosophy
  2. Being a dental patient is often a very personal experience. After all, people don’t want just anyone poking around in their mouths with cold, sharp tools. Allow your patients to get to know you and your staff on a more personal level. One example is using staff photos, but those are still images with little personal connection. Boost the feel of your practice by using videos that show your dental team and staff in their daily work lives, and how they interact with the patients. Include a brief tour of your office so your patients can get familiar with your practice. This allows patients to feel more at ease when they visit your dental office for the first time. St. Clair Dental Associates, one of our clients, does exactly that in one of their videos. Take a look at their video here, or see the screenshots below.

  3. Remove the Uncertainty
  4. Help your patients face their dental anxiety before they’ve even stepped through the door. There are several ways you can do this, two of which are:

    You can utilize different types of content in your videos depending on your needs - just keep each video focused on one topic!

  5. Less Talk, More Results
  6. Don't just tell your patients what you can do; show them. For those of us who haven't been to dentistry school, the medical details can often feel overwhelming. So instead of stuffing your videos with medical jargon, show them what the end results can be. Using your best judgement, determine which of your patients have cases that would be video-worthy. For example, a patient with a particularly bad case of broken/chipped teeth that your practice successfully helped with restoring their smile. Take before and after pictures, maybe two or three shots of the dentist working on the patient’s teeth, and a brief testimonial of the patient satisfied with the results. You can also use the before and after photos on your website, similar to how Maple Dental Health does.

    Make sure your testimonials follow the guidelines of the dental governing body in your region.

If you are considering video marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, just remember to keep your videos short and to the point. Inform your patients of what your practice can do for them, and show them examples of your successful dental cases. Doing so will help ease the discomfort and uncertainty of choosing a new dentist, and ideally, make you stand out from the competition.

If you would like to talk more about video marketing, or run some ideas by us, please don't hesitate to contact us at UpOnline. We would be more than happy to help you out and give you our professional opinion!