Friday Five Roundup: From Dental Payments to Customer Referrals and Effective Ads

Dentistry IQ

Relieve the Toothache of Dental Patient Payments: 8 Ideas to Chew On

Most dental practices avoid payment plans, but giving patients more options is always worth considering. Corban Tenny from Dentistry IQ offers eight practice and patient friendly payment plan concepts in this article.

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Smart Insights

Most Hated or Most Effective Ads?

If you’re a digital market, you’ve no doubt wondered which ad formats are most effective - and most disliked. Dave Chaffey from Smart Insights breaks down a research study into the most hated and effective ads in this article.

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LinkedIn Pulse

Dental Imaging Market worth $2,686.5 Million by 2019

Major factors driving growth of this market include technological advancements such as CBCT, increasing aging populations leading to growth in oral diseases, rising oral care awareness and increasing disposable income in emerging economies, growth impetus of cosmetic dentistry, and shift towards digital dental imaging systems.

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Marketing Profs.

Customer Referral Programs: Top Methods and Rewards

The most effective method for a current customer to refer a potential customer to a business is a verbal recommendation, according to recent research from Amplifinity. But as we live in a highly digital era, your business can benefit from other referral methods, such as social media, and e-mail. Learn more about the effectiveness of these methods, and what businesses use to encourage customer referrals in the full article.

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 Science Daily

Diabetes Causes Shift in Oral Microbiome That Fosters Periodontitis, Penn Study Finds

People with diabetes are susceptible to periodontitis, a gum infection that can result in tooth loss. New research helps explain why: Diabetes triggers changes in the oral microbiome that enhance inflammation and the risk of bone loss.

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