Friday Five Roundup: From Dental Tips to Content Marketing & Tackling Bounce Rates

Medical News Today

How to Clean Your Retainer: Eight Helpful Tips

The same bacteria that can grow on your teeth, can also grow on your retainer. But don’t worry, cleaning your retainer does not have to be an extra task to do every day; it can be as simple as drinking plenty of water to avoid bacteria overgrowth. Read the article to learn some easy tips for cleaning your retainer.

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Smart Insights

Elevate the Buyer Persona and Embrace the Radical Buyer

Buyer personas help businesses identify their target audience. The concept of the "radical buyer" goes a few steps further by not only identifying the type of person who might do business with you, but also fleshing out your business's most loyal and lucrative customers. Your radical buyer promotes your business rather than critiques it. Read the full article to find out how you can identify your radical buyers.

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Dentistry IQ

Bouncing Back: How to Troubleshoot a High Bounce Rate on Your Dental Website

If your practice has active email marketing campaigns, the bounce rate – the percentage of emails not delivered because of technical issues, specialized filters, or full inboxes – is an important metric to keep an eye on.

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Smart Insights

4 Content Marketing Best Practices Recommended by Top Brands

If you’ve been following any marketing blogs recently, you’ll know that content marketing is a hot subject. More and more businesses are recognizing its effectiveness, and more and more marketers are considering it the latest trend.

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 Science Daily

Visiting Virtual Beach Improves Patient Experiences during Dental Procedures

Imagine walking along a beach on a lovely day. As you turn to continue along the coast path feeling calm and relaxed you suddenly hear your dentist say 'Fine, all done, you can take the headset off now'. For patients at one dental practice in Devon, England, such Virtual Reality encounters are resulting in demonstrably better experiences in the dentist's chair.

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