Friday Five Roundup: From Oral Care Tips to 2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Science Daily

Grape Seed Extract Could Extend Life of Resin Fillings

A natural compound found in grape seed extract could be used to strengthen dentin - the tissue beneath a tooth's enamel - and increase the life of resin fillings, according to new research.

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6 Months In: Which Mobile Formats are Living Up to 2017 Predictions?

What do Snapchat videos, targeted ads, and mobile games have in common? They were on the list of trend predictions created every year by industry executives and self-proclaimed "thought leaders". Read the article to find out if their predictions came true. Did you see it coming too?

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Dentistry iQ

Dental Coding Truths and Myths

Dental hygienists, who often prefer to take a hands-off approach, need to step up and truly learn about coding. What we think we know about coding often affects the care we offer. This carries risk — risk to patients’ health, risk for the practice, risk to your license, and the risk of being unprepared in a rapidly changing world..

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Stone Temple

How Search Engines Analyze Web Pages for Search Rankings in 2017

From a website’s perspective, search rankings are a popularity contest. In order to enter the top ranks, a website has to stand out from the rest of the contestants – so simply copying content from that really popular website is not going to work. Among other things, a website’s content has to be original enough to get noticed by the search engine’s algorithm.

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 Calgary Herald

There's Still No Guide to Dental Fees in Alberta

As Alberta dentists huddle this week in Jasper with their governing body, some are questioning why a fee guide for procedures, slated to be implemented by the province later this year, isn't on the formal agenda.

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