5 Examples of Great Dental Newsletter Practices

By: Will Koziey-Kronas

A great newsletter checks a lot of important boxes – on a regular basis, it ensures your patients keep your practice top-of-mind, are aware and engaged with any interesting content, and have opportunities for outreach.

To check those boxes, however, you need to be aware of what constitutes great dental newsletter content– so here are five excellent practices (with examples) to incorporate into your own newsletter.

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  1. Hillcrest Dental: - Do's instead of Don't's
  2. Full example available here.
    Patients expect to hear "don'ts" from their clinic: lists of things to avoid eating, drinking, and doing for the benefit of their dental health. So why not shake things up – as Hillcrest Dental did – and highlight a list of "do's"? A list recommending teeth-friendly food carries a more positive vibe than a list forbidding patients from certain foods, and is more likely to grab their interest.

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  3. Port Hope Dental - Ask and Incentivize Reviews
  4. Full example available here.
    Your patients aren't likely to leave feedback if you don't prompt them, but your newsletter should do more than asking them to fill out a survey. Do as Port Hope Dental did: provide incentives (a gift card in their case), express your gratitude, and let them know how long the process will take and whether the survey is confidential.

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  5. Upper Avenue Dentistry – Take Advantage of the Season and Holidays
  6. Full example available here.
    Your newsletter should take into account the season and holidays of the month it mails. Follow the example of Upper Avenue Dentistry and tie any service promotions you are offering to specific holidays or seasonal themes, helping the service appear more relevant.

  7. Kingsbury Dental - Discuss Big Health Concerns, And How to Address Them
  8. Full example available here.
    Discussing cavity prevention is one thing, but it's the larger health concerns (such as Kingsbury Dental's oral cancer discussion) that are more prone to generating interest. Of course, make sure to address techniques, remedies, and fixes as well. No one wants to read about infant tooth decay, for example, without knowing how they can also avoid it.

  9. Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre – Promote Your Staff
  10. Full example available here.
    Your newsletter is a great place to show off some of the hard-working talent behind your practice. Giving patients faces to and names to associate with your clinic helps establish connection, but if you want to go further, like the Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre, promote your staff's achievements as well.

Hopefully these examples have been both educational and inspiring. We can at least guarantee that they'll be effective - elevating your newsletter into a compelling content experience that promotes your practice in all the right ways. Contact us to learn more about the importance of newsletters and how we may be of any help to you!