Friday Five Roundup: Mastercard updates its logo to Google Earth Virtual Reality to Cute puppies on Facebook Live



Mastercard Gets Its First New Logo In 20 years

Pentagram uses "circular logic" to bring the financial institution into the digital-payment era.
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Quick Sprout

How to Infiltrate LinkedIn Groups for Maximum Marketing ROI

LinkedIn has over 450 million registered users and yet is often an overlooked platform for marketing and/or networking. Here's how you can use it to your advantage.
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Google Earth For Virtual Reality Lets You Fly Like Superman

Get ready to virtually fly around the brick-domed Florence cathedral in Italy and San Francisco’s majestic Golden Gate Bridge.
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Atlanta Humane Society uses Facebook Live perfectly

Atlanta Humane Society decided the be way to help Sweet Potato and Yams find homes is to share a live feed of their temporary home on Facebook Live. Over 20,000 people watched the puppies play, eat and sleep over almost three hours live online.
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How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Creates A Better Customer Service Experience

You’ve heard of IBM’s Watson beating humans at Jeopardy! But do you know how IBM is using that technology to make marketing and business management more intelligent?
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