Friday Five Roundup: How to Run an Instagram Contest to Implementing Experiential Marketing Campaigns



How to Run an Instagram Contest: A 10-Step Guide

Instagram’s popularity as a social media platform is continuously increasing and therefore a great outlet to promote your brand. Have you thought of running an Instagram contest? If done right, a contest can definitely be useful for your business.
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Stumped? Ways 3 companies Boost Creativity

Struggling to think of how to boost energy and creativity? Employ these unconventional tactics to motivate your team.
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Jeff Bullas

6 Must-Know Online Marketing Trends Of 2016

We're halfway through 2016, what have been the main trends in online marketing? From wearable tech to the dominance of mobile, click to find out.
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7 Reasons You Should Be Implementing Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Do your customers know who you are? Execute a experiential marketing campaign to strengthen your brand and customer loyalty.
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5 Great Apps For Marketers

A list of apps that will definitely help with your workflow. Easily aggregate, develop, share and track data.
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