Friday Five Roundup: Dealing with Covid-19 & marketing practices

Oral Health Group

Your Website Content is Crucial

When it comes to searching for a new dentist, our data revealed that a referral from a family member or friend is typically the first step. But step two is a simple Google (or internet) search, which means that your website must be engaging upon first click. Simply put, website content is more important than you think.

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Marketing Land

Building Top-Funnel Content to Influence Bottom-Funnel Pages (With Real Example)

Each page on your site should have a purpose, and if you are strategic, your pages can support one another and your overarching business goals.

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Dental Economics

Baby Boomers and the ‘Internet Thing’: Marketing dental services to seniors

A frustrated dentist raised his hand and gruffly asked Kristie Nation after her presentation, “Do you really think this internet thing is not going away?”

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How to Use SEO Data to Make Better Marketing Decisions

Only using SEO for traffic purposes is closing the door to different ways you can use the skills you already have to inform decisions in other areas. To get an idea of the different ways to use SEO, we're going to explain the types of SEO data, and a short list of how SEO data can lead to better marketing decisions.

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Dentistry IQ

Downloadable Dental Form: Dental office policy regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

It's on everyone's minds—coronavirus. What is your dental practice doing to help stop the spread? This office policy regarding COVID-19 can be posted in prominent places throughout the office to keep patients and staff informed.

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