Friday Five Roundup: From oral health for athletes to personality traits of top marketing leaders

Oral Health Group

Poor Oral Health Severely Impacts Training, Athletic Performance, Says FDI

If they want to win, elite and amateur athletes need to make their oral health a top priority.

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Marketing Land

Survey finds 89% of marketers seeing increased sales using location data

Data reflect increasing marketer sophistication in use of location for targeting, engagement and personalization but not measurement.

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Dental Economics

The Lean Dental Start-Up

When the average dentist starts looking to purchase a practice, he or she chooses a category, commits to it, and sets down a path. But a few more steps are required to find the right fit and create the perfect home for a dental career.

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The Personality Traits of Top Marketing Leaders

Which characteristics, traits, and personality types are common among the most successful marketing leaders? How do your most trusted marketing professionals compare to other influencers in the industry?

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Dentistry IQ

How to Thrive Spending More Time With Existing Dental Patients and Less Time Worrying About New Ones

This dental practice has learned to live life in a slower lane, and they're profiting handsomely from the change.

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