Friday Five Roundup: From dental practice management to Google updates

Oral Health Group

Smile! Your Patients Are Watching You

The point of Data Driven Dentistry in 2019 is to shine a light on what you may already know: what patients want and think about your practice. It’s easy to get caught up in following regulations, performing procedures, hiring the right staff, but in the end every choice needs to be made with your patients in mind.

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Search Engine Land

Google Search Console Goes Live With New Consolidated View

Google made a preview of the consolidated data view live early, go check it out now.

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Mouthing Off - ASDA Blog

Know the Facts When Exploring Private Practice

When you enter the dental profession, you have many career options, including joining an existing practice or establishing a new practice.

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Content Marketing Institute

Why You Need Better Conversion Tracking to Win the Sales Game

In addition to getting prospects through the front door, it’s important to track them as they move toward the back door. Conversion tracking can show how many customers you acquired along with the marketing campaigns that played a part in the sale.

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Dentistry IQ

Hire the Best People in 2019 for Your Dental Practice With These Tips

To meet your goals and realize your dream of owning a thriving, successful dental practice, there are many steps you can take to make that happen, including hiring a team of talented people who support your vision and do their part to move your practice forward.

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