Friday Five Roundup: From Dental Trends to Data and Facebook Design

Medical News Today

What is a Dead Tooth? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

A tooth is referred to as being 'dead' when there is no longer any blood flow to it. Sometimes this is also known as a 'non-vital tooth.' Both tooth decay and an injury can cause a dead tooth. In this article, we look at the common symptoms, as well as how a dead tooth can be treated and prevented.

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CBC News

'Data is the new oil': Your Personal Information is Now the World's Most Valuable Commodity

There was a time that oil companies ruled the globe, but "black gold" is no longer the world's most valuable resource — it's been surpassed by data. Huge amounts of data are controlled by just 5 global mega-corporations that are bigger than most governments.

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The Dental Geek

Eight Ways to Acquire New Patients for Your Dental Practice

No matter how successful your dental practice may be, the need to acquire new patients is essential and should never be overlooked or forgotten. Here are eight tips for acquiring new patients for your dental practice.

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Designers Are Using "Dark UX" to Turn You Into a Sleep-Deprived Internet Addict

Of course, the goal of any good design is to keep users engaged. But in the case of Facebook and other social media, “engagement” can easily become into "can't-stop-scrolling," or even addiction. The result is an often overlooked ethical conundrum to designers creating digital experiences: When is design too engaging for users’ own good?

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Science Daily

Chewing Gum Rapid Test for Inflammation

Dental implants occasionally entail complications: Six to fifteen percent of patients develop an inflammatory response in the years after receiving a dental implant. This is caused by bacteria destroying the soft tissue and the bone around the implant in the worst case.

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