Friday Five Roundup: From the Controversial Pepsi Commercial to Digital Dentistry


Pepsi Just Showed Us Why Authenticity Isn't Just A Buzzword

The Pepsi ad, starring Kendall Jenner as a model/protestor, showed that there's a difference between brand positioning and brands taking an authentic position. These days, brands cannot slip using generic marketing buzzwords, they need to mean what they say and know the diversity in their audience.
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Content Marketing Institute

Why Your Practice Should Send Out Newsletters

Newsletters are one way to increase loyalty and strengthen relationships with your patients. In his article, Mark Walker highlights some tips for producing newsletters with valuable content. UpOnline can help your practice distribute newsletters to your patients, just ask us how!

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Marie Claire

'90s Tooth Gems Are Making a Comeback

The tongue-in-cheek accessory, which is making a comeback, consists of a small gold, silver, or crystal gem that is bonded to the tooth using a special adhesive that can keep it attached for years. Typically they're worn one at a time—like an accent nail for your teeth—but you can wear more than one, or pack 'em in, if you want. However, dentists will advise you not to try this at home as you can damage a tooth's natural enamel.

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American Marketing Association

Why Marketers Have a Stake in Staunching Cybercrime

"Marketers should do a sweep across the board of all the different channels that they use, whether it's social media, marketing automation or their advertising," Hattar says. "They should actually reach out to a security professional in their IT organization and check whether they have enough measures in place and what themes or concepts to look for. I think most marketers are not that proactive."

If you are a marketer, find out exactly where your advertisements show up!

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Medical Expo

A Peek Into the Future of Dentistry

As the digital world expands, practices become exposed to more advanced technology. From CAD/CAM restoration to Intelligent Matching Systems (IMS), digital dentistry is the future.

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