Friday Five Roundup: How Google's Penguin Update Affects Your SEO to Using Humor in Content Marketing


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Brand Admiration is Earned, Not Given: Here’s How to Make It Last Forever

With the competitive landscape always changing and changes in consumer behavior, how do you ensure that your brand grows with the times? Branding experts offer their take on what 3 questions companies should ask themselves to create a brand that has lasting value.
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Penguin is now Real-Time, What Does That Mean for Your SEO?

Google has rolled out changes to its SEO Algorithm Penguin. Any SEO changes made on web property will now be considered and ranked in real-time. What does that mean for your website?
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Build Landing Pages That Convert With These 3 Smart Steps

Does your landing page have a high conversion rate? If you’re having trouble turning traffic into a qualified lead, read these steps on how to create an optimal landing page.
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5 Unusual Snapchat Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked

Not sure of how to leverage Snapchat for your business? Check out these creative marketing strategies to get inspired.
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How to Use Humor to Power up Your Content Marketing

Looking for ways to spice up your content? Here’s how you can use humor to try and win over your audience.
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