Friday Five Roundup: Facebook Targeted Ad Pranks to What Is Your Marketing IQ?



8 Necessities of a High-Converting Blog Design You Should Be Looking For

With blogging becoming so ubiquitous, it is getting difficult to get customers’ attention and to increase the number of subscribers. Here are 8 tricks you can use for generating leads.
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The Financial Brand

What is Your Digital Marketing IQ?

Whether you've been in the business 15 minutes or 15 years, staying current with terminology and best practices are all part of being at your best. Test your knowledge.
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How to Keep Your Social Media Images Looking Fresh (Even if You’re Posting Every Day)

A tweet or Facebook post is more likely to get shared if an image is attached so keep these style tips and tricks next time in mind when posting to make sure your social media images are as engaging as possible.
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Business 2 Community

Email Blogging: The New Holy Grail of Digital Marketing?

Focusing your email marketing on informative content rather than pitches, calls to action, and other conversion oriented tactics will position your business as a high-quality source of knowledge rather than a salesperson.
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You can use Facebook Ad Targeting to reach your niche audience… or prank your best friend!

A marketing pro decides to use Facebook targeted ads as a way to prank his roommate, Roderick Russell, a professional sword swallower. Using the platform’s niche marketing capabilities, he made sure his roommate would see very specific ads related to his profession.
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