Friday Five Roundup: A More Ad-Friendly Youtube to Marissa Mayer's Amazing CV


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Find the Bright Side: 6 Things Brands Should Do in Light of New Facebook Page Layout

It has been challenging to keep up with all the Facebook changes lately. As frustrating as it may be, taking advantages of the new changes will reflect positively on your brand. These 6 tips will help you embrace these changes:
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5 powerful ways social media has forever altered the way we do business

Even though social media was originally used for connecting people, in the past decade, it has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for a business. Here are 5 ways social media has affected the way we do business.
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Apple Air Pods Will Likely Be a Hit Once They Get the Bugs Out

The new Apple wireless earbuds have caused a stir, both negative and positive. Learn why, in this article, they’ll ultimately triumph after squashing the initial bugs.
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What does your resume look like? Take a cue from Marissa Mayer and freshen yours

So, if your résumé is laden with egregious errors, or you're just not sure what to include or highlight, take a look at this beautiful design and prepare to be inspired.
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Demonitizing YouTube - What happens when the rules change for content creators

Disruptive but in a bad way? Youtube makes changes to video monetization as a result of updates to Youtube's ad matching algorithm causing backlash with many content creators.
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