Friday Five Roundup: Snapchat Introduces Memories to The Rise of Ad Blocking



Snapchat's newest feature is a complete departure form its original premise

With the release of its new feature Memories, Snapchat is beginning to resemble it's social media predecessors, allowing users to store and post saved data at a later date, breaking free from it's ephemeral nature.
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The Next Web

Could Facebook become video-only 5 years from now?

As Facebook begins to devote more of it's energies towards getting users to use live video streaming, what will happen now to good old fashion written content?
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12 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy

Are you new to Search Ads or trying to get people to click on your ads? Here are a few tips on writing click-worthy Search Ad content. Read the article on >



Social Media Acronyms That All Marketers Should Know

Do you have FOMO because of all those pesky acronyms, which YSK. Expand your social media and marketing vocabulary with these acronyms, all ELI5ed.
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The Rise of Ad Blocking is Changing Digital Marketing

What does the rise of ad blocking mean for advertisers? As more and more users seek out ad-free environments, how will businesses contain to grow revenue?
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