Friday Five Roundup: Pokemon GO Helps Retailers Increase Revenue To Reimagining a Better Linkedin



Pokemon GO could be the next big marketing tool for retailers

Pokemon GO is happening whether or not you know what a Pokemon is. Learn about how retailers have used it to "lure" customers in and how Pokemon GO has the potential of disrupting the geolocation social platform field.
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Mr. Robot Drops First Hour of Season 2 Premiere via Social Media

Mr. Robot excites devoted viewers by using social media to bolster fan support with a special preview of the season 2 premiere on various channels.
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Top 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

These five research-backed stats will convince you to start sending out email content on the regular. Read the article on >


Ad Age

Campaigns Are Dead. Modern Marketing Is a Data Exchange

Ad campaigns, websites, and social media are no longer separate experiences. It’s the exchange of data among all these features that lead to optimal marketing strategies.
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What Would A Better Linkedin Look Like?

Reimagining what Linkedin could look like tomorrow so it becomes an even more useful tool for job seekers and recruiters. Read the article on >