Friday 5 Round-Up: Budgeting and Marketing For Your Practices During COVID-19

  1. Oral Health Group

Following The Money

In the pandemic year of 2020, other than serious emergencies, there were few treatment payments to dental practices... Meanwhile, much of the patients’ premiums are accumulating with the insurers. 

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  1. Marketing Land

How and Where to Fight for Your Marketing Budget

While many businesses should consider reduced top-of-funnel ad spend, very few should abandon it altogether. You’ll want to ensure you are in position to power back during the recovery.

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  1. Patient Pop

Ways to Manage Your Reputation During COVID-19

Times are uncertain for patients. Seeing the doctor has changed, and emotions can run high. Here’s what to consider when responding to online reviews and comments.

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  1. Dentistry IQ

Pivoting Your Dental Practice for Success During COVID-19

Don't think of "culture" as just the latest buzzword for dental practices. It's a very important piece to the success of your practice. If you don't create an excellent culture, it will create itself, and that's usually not a good thing.

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  1. Dental Economics

Trending Dental Marketing Strategies for The Post Pandemic Era

Marketing guru Joy Gendusa examines messaging strategies dental practices are relying on to get through this unprecedented time.

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