Digital Marketing Terms Decoded

By: Beles Lezina

Whether new or an old hat in the world of digital marketing, you may need a new guide to avoid getting lost in common phrases and terms that are often used by those in the industry. Although the glossary of digital marketing terms is extensive, we'll start with a handful of phrases you should know to get you started in the business:

A monthly series of explanations to lingo and fads in the digital marketing space.


In the digital marketing world, "Keyword" refers to the word (or phrase) that people type into a search engine. Digital marketers try to make sure their business is associated with a keyword or a series of keywords in order to boost their SEO and result high in related search engine queries. It is important that keywords are highly relative to a business or brand and its website in order to be effective.


An acronym for search engine optimization, SEO refers to the process and likelihood of getting a website to the top of a search engine results page. The higher on a search engine result page a website appears,the better its SEO is relative to the keywords searched, making it easier for those interested in that content to find the website..


An acronym for user-generated content. This is content created by members of an online community, and include: comments, media, pictures, posts, etc., usually shared over social media. UGC creators are typically not paid for their contributions. Digital marketers generate UGC by encouraging their audience to interact with a brand, like encouraging the posting of pictures with a product or promoting an online challenge.


This stands for pay-per-click (often also called CPC - Cost Per Click) and refers to paying a search engine to promote a business' ad & website on their results page(s). The advantage of this form of marketing is having the business' website on the first page or even as the first result of a search engine query. The objective with most online ad campaigns to convert searchers into customers.

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Landing Page

The web page a visitor is led to after clicking on an ad, or a link in other marketing material is the landing page. The goal of a landing page is to direct the audience to a specific page on a website. It is common for landing pages to have less links than a home page might in order to keep the audience's attention.

So you've learned the terms. Now what? Well, digital marketing has many more steps, including how to actually boost your SEO, associate your business with keywords and create a landing page. For more information on digital marketing, contact UpOnline and follow our blog to stay updated!