Interning at Uponline

It's hard to believe that summer went by so quickly! It has been a great few months for us in the office since we also had the pleasure of having interns on board. Aside from getting them to fetch our coffee and take care of all our dry cleaning, (just kidding), they did a great job of helping out around the office while learning the ins and outs of what happens on a day to day basis in an agency environment.

We sat down with one of our interns, Kuruparan, to get his take on his experience interning at Uponline.

Q: What was your experience like working at UpOnline? Be honest.

A: I really enjoyed my experience at UpOnline! I definitely felt like I've developed a good understanding of digital marketing, especially as it related to the healthcare sector. I also learned about the difference between good and bad website design when it comes to creating a site that engages with visitors, how SEO works, to learning about the fundamentals of email marketing so it worked on every browser and email client under the sun. And the importance of testing emails!

Q: That's great! We definitely threw a lot of projects your way. What was your favourite thing to work on this summer?

A: Probably working on developing mobile and responsive sites. I really enjoyed doing that. There were a lot of tips I've learned, coding wise, in understanding how sites would render on different screen sizes which was really interesting.

Q: You've also had the chance to contribute a couple of articles for the blog as well. What topic did you enjoy researching the most about?

A: AdWords! I learned a lot about best practices when it comes to setting up a pay per click campaign. Creatively it was fun to think of a way to turn a dry and technical subject into an easy how to guide. I think it's a great tool to use for customers who are realy interested in growing their business so it was cool to see how it all worked. (Click here to read Kuru's Adwords article.)

Q: How would you describe your experience in three words?

A: Lots of work! [laughs] it definitely made me better at prioritizing since there were so many tasks that needed to be done a daily basis but I truly learned a lot and had a great time while doing it. Everyone in the office was really supportive and encouraging and I felt like I could always ask for help if need be.

Q: What was the biggest lesson you've learned while working here?

A: Definitely being very conscientious when looking after the wants and needs of a client and being able to satisfy the needs of various stakeholders. I also learned that sometimes a client isn't sure what they want so it's important to learn how to ask the right questions and dig a little bit deeper so you can find a solution that satisfies them.

If you would like to intern at UpOnline we currently have one internship position available for the Fall. Send your cover letter and resume to with the subject line "Fall Internship". Hope to hear from you soon!